Fly Tying the Chernobyl Ant Fly Pattern Var - Piscator Flies Episode 82

This oversized and pattern is more akin to being seen as either a hopper or a stonefly rather than a mutated ant as the name suggests. This popular fly pattern is tied in a number of variations and this is one that I've developed over the past decade.

It is a high floating fly perfect for using as a hopper /dropper set-up on the rivers during the fall run. I like to fish this in deep corners with a dropper and not too far from the riverbank. It's been known to get hit with hard aggressive strikes when the fall fish start to congregate.

A 6/0 thread is fine, but 3/0 thread (210 denier) might be helpful if you find you break the thread or if you cut through the foam. I use an Exacto knife and a ruler to cut the 6mm (1/4 inch) strips. Feel free to mix the colors of foam and don't feel obligated to use the monotone example presented here.

Chernobyl Ant Variant fly pattern recipe
Hook: Mustad C53s #6-10
Thread: Olive Dun 6/0 (140 d)
Tail: Red Congo Hair
Back: 6mm x 2mm closed cell foam x2
Legs: Silicone skirt tabs
Body: Golden Barley Lazer Dubbing
Hackle: Dark ginger / brown saddle
Indicator: Red Congo Hair / Widows Web / EP Fiber etc....

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