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Why Glow-Worms shine at night ? Why do Fireflies light up the night ?


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Firefly beetle ( lat. Lampyris noctiluca eng. Glow-Worm). Common Firefly or Ivanov worm - beetle a characteristic feature of which is the presence of the bodies of the glow on the last abdominal segments. The fluorescent organs are often located under the transparent cuticle and formed large photogenie cells, which abundantly braided trachea and nerves.Under these cells are the reflectors of light - cells filled with crystals of uric acid. Beetle Firefly circulated on the territory of Europe and Asia, also occurring in North America. They glow brightly for only females, males also emit virtually no light.

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Why fireflies glow at night and how it formed the glow of fireflies? And it is formed in a chemical reaction, which are the main components of a chemical compound luciferin is stable to heat and enzyme luciferase is a protein rich in sulfhydryl groups. Entering through the trachea, oxygen enters the oxidation reaction with luciferin and the enzyme luciferase to increase its speed, being a natural catalyst for the reaction.
During the evolution of fireflies have developed a sort of system of communication using light signals: it fully represented the signals of procreation" between a male and a female, warning of the danger signals as well as signals to alert you about the territorial jurisdiction and related signals expressing aggression.
The energy produced by the filament lamp is converted into visible light only at the rate of five percent, while the Firefly, this figure varies from 87 to 98 percent.

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