Team BADCO tours the Viking Factory!

On the 2nd stop of Captain Steve's East Coast tour, he visits the Viking Yachts Factory in New Gretna, NJ to get an update on the BADCO Viking 38' Billfish. While there we get an exclusive tour inside the factory to see how these special builds are made.

The Viking 38 Billfish will join the World tour late this year, a 2025 model with open bulkhead powers by Cummins. We are working with Viking yachts and Galati Yacht sales on some custom features for the team, including the Omni sonar. This machine will join the world tour at the end of this year and meet the 175 in Europe, then immediately deploy to the South Atlantic to be in position early 2025 for either Brazil, Ascension, or West coast of Africa. The 38 Billfish will cover the South Atlantic while the Spencer 57 covers the North Atlantic. Later in mid 2025, both the 175 and 150 will meet in Cape Verde and swap game boats. The 150 will carry the 38 billfish and 175 will carry the LH33. 150 will always be the Atlantic support boat, 175 will drop off 33 when we pick up the new BadCo gameboat 50 built by Croswait around mid year 2025 in Morehead NC. 175 will leave for the long passage to GBR and be set up by October with the 50 to tour the South Pacific and North Pacific. / @VikingYachtCo

00:00 - Captain Steve Lassley takes us inside the Viking Yachts Factory
01:55 - We meet Anthony Scola, Int'l Sales Manager at Viking
03:40 - Tour the Departments in the factory, electrical, wood mill, etc.
06:12 - What is VIGLASS? 
07:00 - See the BADCO 38' Billfish for the first time
08:19 - Viking Production Lines, from start to finish
10:15 - What makes the 38' Billfish special?
11:43 - After the boat leaves the factory, what happens?
13:17 - Challenges and why this boat is perfect for team BADCO
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