Sweden: Exploring Stockholm on guided tours

Sweden: Exploring Stockholm with guided tours
We visit one of the most beautiful cities in Sweden. There is so much to do in Stockholm with kids. We did a couple of sightseeing tours in the city. One walking and one boat cruise. We also had fika and a brief walk through Gamla Stan and stopped by the royal palace to say hello to the guards.
iIf you are wondering what to do in the capital city, or even "Where is Stockholm?" (it's in the south of the country), we've got a few answers over the next few videos. We cover several things to do in Stockholm in this first one. Our favorite may be "fika". We had lovely moderate weather during our visit. We chose an airbnb over a hotel as our accommodation because it was cheaper and we could take a quick train in. We also got a Stockholm pass which was very useful for museums, boats, busses, and tours. After all they claim to be the cultural capital of Scandinavia.
Stockholm travel is fantastic!

I will also say that despite the reports to the contrary, we felt more safe in Stockholm than just about any other city in Europe. Everyone was incredibly friendly and welcoming. It is a very clean and well run city, especially the transportation system, which is very easy to use.

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