SOG Terminus. From EDC Knife to EDC Razor. Factory Sharpening vs Professional Sharpening.

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We've decided to take a modern classic EDC pocket folder from SOG and give it a professional touch. As a result we've got a knife that significantly improved its cutting quality and lost several problems that prevented it from being a perfect cutter ready for action. We don't believe our eyes and that is why we used a microscope to show the real difference between the edge you'll be getting from the factory and the results you can achieve with TSPROF sharpening system.


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00:00 - 00:12 Intro
00:13 - 01:34 Knife Review
01:35 - 02:47 Cutting Edge After Factory Sharpening
02:48 - 03:20 Protection of the Knife Before Sharpening
03:21 - 04:11 Setting the Sharpening Angle
04:12 - 08:53 Sharpening Process
08:54 - 09:57 Finishing Stage
09:58 - 10:45 Results of Professional Sharpening
10:46 - 11:57 Conclusion
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