Vancouver, Canada to Inverness, Scotland - Mile Zero

This video explains the reason for this epic adventure I’m about to experience. It hit me this week why so many events have unfolded for me in recent years. All of the heartache and joy, sacrifice and bounty have happened for a reason and now I've discovered that reason.

I hope you enjoy what we are about to embark upon. Me and Vie Sauvage are beginning the journey to Scotland! I don't know if she'll see the whole journey through. There are some perilous, big-water crossings between here and northern Europe, especially with the route I've decided to take. But who knows what will happen. You will have to subscribe and follow along to find out how things turn out.

Sailing to Scotland from Vancouver is approximately 7000 nautical miles. This journey will take many months, two years at least if everything goes well. The epic journey has already begun though. We are still at mile zero, but we are learning to sail and outfit ourselves for a long trip. We'll enjoy our adventures together along the way for as far as we can. Me and "Vie Sauvage".

The second part of the purpose of this journey is to find my forever person. Perhaps she appears along the way? Perhaps I have already met her? Perhaps she will be waiting for me at the dock in Scotland when I arrive. I have no idea. Below is the passage I wrote that suddenly changed my world:

"Being alone here on the boat over the past few months has given me much to contemplate. Truth be told, I am tired of being alone...of waiting for that beautiful person to magically appear. I can see her in my mind, then suddenly it appears as though she is within reach, only to be pulled away by some force that is beyond my control.

It is time to start manifesting this dream into reality, to put it out into the universe and pick up the challenge to go and find her.

Me and my sailboat, Vie Sauvage, searching for the woman that fills this void of laughter and joy. The passion that accompanies elevated voices...then, the make-up embraces and gentle whispers of "I'm sorry" that are missing from my life by being by myself.

Where will the search take us? I have an idea. Perhaps.

Perhaps this quest takes me and my boat through the Panama Canal, up the eastern seaboard. Across to Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, and finally, I will sail to Scotland, my ancestral home? I feel an incredibly strong pull to get there. I believe she is there, waiting for us. This is the plan, the purpose of everything I do moving forward.

My message to "Her":
It will take awhile for me to get to you. I have much to prepare and many miles to travel, but I am on my way. I feel you, and I already love you. I've begun my journey to you. You will be waiting to greet me when we meet.

I do hope you'll join me on this epic quest. Subscribe for the whole story!
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