SO MANY TROUT! Best Fly Fishing in SLOVENIA (Episode 1)

In this video, I'm actually in Slovenia, this has been a bucket list destination for me to come fly fishing for years now. I'm super excited to be here and we're at the river and kind of close to the Lake Bled area.

Apparently, there's some nice-sized brown trout, rainbows, grayling fish, and hucho which is a massive salmonoid fish from the region.

Episodes In The Fly Fishing Slovenia Series:
Episode 1:
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Gear I'm Using:
Moonshine Vesper 4wt 9' Fly Rod:
Moonshine Creed Reel:
Rio Perception Fly Line:
Snowbee Prestige G-XS Fly Rod:
Snowbee Spectre Reel:
Snowbee Delicate Presentation Line:
Snowbee Spectre Sinking Line:
Snowbee Prestige Waders:
Snowbee Float Tube:
Snowbee Vest Backpack:
8Fans Waist Waders:
8Fans Boots:
Vixyn Fly Fishing Waist Pack:
Vixyn Fly Fishing Tools Lanyard:

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