Fishing Small Creeks for The Biggest Trout Ive Ever Seen!!

Days 3 and 4 from our western NY trout saga. Brennan and myself had our sights set on landing big trout anyway and anywhere we could, the niagara river which was our target water was blown out so we gave some smaller tribs a shot and although the fishing was super tough, the fish we caught were worth the suffrage.

I forgot about these videos but there are still 2 more days of footage to come. Thanks for watching!

Also - I was spooled up with 6lb berkely nanofil for the first day which is a no stretch braid like line.. definitely not the right line to be using for these bigger trout in tight creeks where the fish eats 10' from your rod tip. a net is also generally a good thing to have... maybe even pliers.