Fly Tying the Editor (variant) Salmon and Steelhead Fly Pattern - Ep 90 PF

This variation of the Editor is tailored for the steelhead swings. The original pattern was conceived by longtime Trout & Salmon Magazine editor SandyLeventon. the original fly is tied with a bucktail wing and a pearl body. You'll need to use a white thread under the pearl mylar to keep the body bright. This version is simplified using silver mylar and negating the need for both white and black thread.

I've swung the fly in the Great Lakes tributary rivers with good success. The contrast of the chartreuse and black is a nice touch on this simple hairwing pattern. This also makes a good sea-run trout fly in smaller sizes.

Editor Variation Salmon and Steelhead Fly Pattern 90

Editor (variant) Steelhead fly pattern recipe

Hook: Superfly Steelhead #6
Thread: Black 6/0 (140d)
Body: Silver mylar tinsel (#10)
Rib: Chartreuse and black Ultra Wire
Throat: Silver Dr. blue hackle fibers
Wing: Black fox
Eyes: Jungle cock nail
Head: Black


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