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In this Michigan trout fishing video I am trying new techniques for trout! I have never used live bait for trout until this winter when I caught brown trout and steelhead on minnows under a bobber. I have never even caught a trout on a night crawler either so I decided to do a bit of good old fashion experimenting with different live baits. I brought shiners, speck minnows and worms and tried them all. So what is the best live bait for trout in rivers? I dont know but a shiner scored me a big (Biggest rainbow ever not counting steelhead) rainbow trout. No action on speck minnows or worms so I broke out the ultralight rod and a spinner and picked up a few other small fish. I may not have too many more trout videos coming as the weather warmes up... nevermind I take that back I just bought a new trout rod so I will probably squeeze in a few trout fishing trips before the heat of summer becomes too much for trout. And then I will have more trout fishing videos to add to my trout fishing playlist. If you are looking for trout fishing videos check out my trout fishing videos playlist here

If you were interested in trying new techniques for trout make sure to check out my trout fishing videos on my trout fishing playlist. In your quest for the best life bait for trout in rivers you may find my videos helpful as I use everything from jigs and wax worms to beads, spawn bags, night crawlers, minnows as well as an assortment of lures. There are plenty of options when it comes to you Michigan trout fishing bait choices just make sure to check your local regulations to ensure that you are not breaking any laws by using live bait. It is my belief that rainbow trout and brown trout love to eat minnows and crayfish in the river and both of these should make a great trout bait.

If you are combing through trout fishing videos looking for the best lure for rainbow trout, Brown trout, brook trout or just the best lure for trout in general make sure to to check out my trout fishing videos playlist for some inspiration! If you want Michigan trout fishing 2021 videos stay tuned and hit that subscribe for more trout fishing videos because I have more on the way! If you are just interested in Michigan fishing in general explore some of my Michigan fishing videos because I have many available for your viewing pleasure!

Rods used in this video:
Marineboy 180
Gander Mountian vortex 6 foot 6 inch medium action

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If you are fishing in Michigan and are looking for Michigan fishing videos look no further as I have content for most species Michigan has to offer. I still have some to cross off the list but at the rate I am going I'll get all the species Michigan has to offer in the next few years. Whether you are into fishing small creeks for brown trout or Flathead catfish fishing I am into it all. This year I will try hard to get my first Musky and my first sturgeon and with any luck a few other species.

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