The Strike, The Rush! | On the hunt for big Perch, Zander and Pike

The Strike, The Rush!
Join Shimano ambassadors Jordi and Lennard on an exciting fishing trip as they target the biggest freshwater predators in Europe: pike, perch, and zander. These two anglers use their skills and knowledge to catch big fish and showcase their passion for fishing. With breathtaking scenery, close-up shots of the fish being caught, and expert advice and tips, this video is a must-watch for anyone who loves fishing and outdoor adventures. Don't miss out on the action and excitement as Jordi and Lennard take on these elusive predators and show us what it takes to be an expert angler.

About Yasei
The Yasei concept is a range of European fishing tackle developed by Shimano. The Yasei concept is based on the idea of creating high quality, innovative products that cater for the needs of modern European lure anglers. The Yasei range includes rods, luggage, lines, lures and fishing apparel, designed for a variety of predator fishing styles and techniques.

For 2023 Shimano has introduced a range of Yasei Lures. These fantastic hardbait lures are made specifically for European predators like Pike, Zander, Perch and Aspius and cover different fishing styles and techniques. Featuring many exciting colors developed for different fishing conditions and situations, the lineup consists of the following lure types:

The Yasei Cover Crank is a great crankbait for casting and trolling, easy to control and maneuverable over rocks, weeds, and other obstacles. The erratic movement, together with the wobbling action attracts fish, while the built-in rattle performs at its best when fishing in coloured waters.

The Yasei Shock Stick is an incredible surface lure for Pike, Aspius and Perch. The ‘walk the dog’ action of the lure causes a lot of movement in the water. Twitch it with short pauses after the lure breaks out to one side, to entice aggressive strikes on the surface.

The Yasei Soul Swim is not an ordinary lure, but a work of art. It dances elegantly with a realistic swimming movement to seduce big pike into a strike. Predators can feel the disturbance in the water when the Soul Swim glides effortlessly through it. To fish in the shallows attach the lure using the front ring. For trolling, or to reach a deeper depths, use the top ring on the head of the lure.

The Yasei Trigger Twitch is a spectacular twitch bait with a very nervous darting type of action. It resembles a wounded bait fish that is trying to get away. Twitch and wait a second or two, then repeat and create an unpredictable pattern. You can fish it slowly, moderately, or fast to cater for your preferred fishing style.
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