Spatsizi By Todd Moen - British Columbia Fly Fishing

Click Here To Subscribe ►http://goo.gl/9Z5dTu - At roughly 2 million acres, the Spatsizi Wilderness in northern British Columbia, is the home waters for the Collingwood Family of Spatsizi Wilderness Lodge. This film documents Ray Collingwood's vision, beginning in the late 60's, to operate a world-class rainbow trout fly-fishing lodge with his family. With stunning aerial footage of the Eaglenest Range and Firesteel River Valley, including birds-eye views from Ray Collingwood's multiple float planes, Todd Moen highlights the essence of family in this fly-fishing heaven. This rare and epic day with father-daughter duo, Ray Collingwood and Carrie Collingwood, in a world-class rainbow trout fishery will capture the heart of every angler. There is no doubt about it, the Collingwood Family has it figured out right.
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Camera and Edit by Todd Moen.
Special thanks to friends Carrie Collingwood, Ray Collingwood and Billy Labonte. www.Spatsizi.com

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*Camera Information*
- Aerial solutions by Quadrocopter.
- High quality aerial filter and adapters solutions here - Snake River
Prototyping - http://www.SnakeRiverPrototyping.com
- GoPro 3 Black Edition - http://www.GoPro.com
- Sony RX-100
- Panasonic Ag-160a

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