Montana Fly Fishing - Spring Creek by Todd Moen

Click Here To Subscribe ►http://goo.gl/9Z5dTu - Normally I wouldn't find myself doing much traveling to film fish during the hot summer months, especially in August. But the summer of 2015 I made some plans to go find cooler water. I was invited back to one of my favorite places on earth, to meet a couple of friends capturing the hopper hatch together in full swing. The smoke was thick from summer wildfires in the Rockies, and the conditions were tough to film in. But the fish were ready and eager to take a fly each time I set up my position with the camera, and the anglers were successful most every cast. Spring creeks are an angler’s (and camera operator’s) dream… if you have the patience. These two friends had a blast fishing the Spring Creek magic. It was certainly one of the highlights of my summer! When life offers you the chance to go outside, have some fun and enjoy the river with a friend, you better do it! I was lucky enough to capture it on film. Hope you enjoy this fun, fly fishing adventure!

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- Aerial solutions by Quadrocopter.
- Copters powered by Venom - http://www.venompower.com
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- DJI Phantom 3 Pro
- DJi Inspire 1
- Sony RX-100
- Panasonic Ag-160a