Carpology part 1 - Carp Fly Fishing by Todd Moen

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Summer temps hovering in the upper 90’s. Rising carp. The Missouri River. Dry fly fishing. Montana’s magnificent Big Sky. Put these together, and T-Motion Theater had an unlikely, yet absolutely remarkable fly fishing video opportunity. Carp, unlike trout or steelhead or bonefish or any for that matter, feed in a frenzy known to some anglers as the “Hour of Power”. This is when schools of carp rise to the surface in fierce unison, their big mouths breaking the surface and “hoovering” up bugs in a linear path on the top of the frothy, shallow water. Montana native, fly fishing guide extraordinaire and longtime Gallatin Gateway friend of mine, Brian Kimmel of Shadow of a Trout Outfitters, told me that the next T-Motion film MUST be on Montana carp. I had no idea what I was in for. I packed up my gear into a boat driven by Adipose Boatworks founder and co-owner, Tracy Allen. Tracy quickly jetted Brian into the action of carp on the Missouri River near Helena, Montana. This film immediately became “Carpology,” as Brian revealed his extensive knowledge and enthusiasm for these giant, heat loving, bottom dwelling, big-bellied fish. With topwater action, hard fights, explosive runs, breathtaking scenery and excellent angling, Carpology-PART ONE will leave you waiting anxiously for PART TWO! Thanks to Kimmel and Allen. Enjoy!

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Big thanks to Mike Ward for showing up with a second boat making it easy to keep up with Brian and Tracy for the boat to boat shots.

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