Salmon River Pulaski NY Fly Fishing by SPORTES inc. 2015

FLY FISHING adventure on the amazing Salon River, NY, USA. October 2015

Because wilderness, hunting and fishing are the heart and inspiration of the company I created; here is a film we shot last October on the Pulaski River , NY ( USA) during a fly fishing trip for '' Creative resourcing ''

Annual ''Field trip'' for the founder of SPORTES outdoor tools (Qc-Canada) and some friends to the amazing destination of the Salmon River near Pulaski and Altmar USA.
Great fly fishing season for Steel head , king, coho and Chinook was on, October 2015.

For our Canadian company, specialized in outdoor gear, being outside is essential and vital for us to create the best products for the outdoors, to live by the nature and elements rules.
Wilderness and people around is an endless source of inspiration .
Like we always do, during this trip we came out with a new concept launching fall 2016.

Many fishes lost but so much action and great catches, this river is a must go to for a fly fishing fanatic. We learn tricks and new spots each year, and this river delivers its legendary experience when you follow the local instructions and advices.

Thanks to the amazing community of Altmar and Pulaski for their amazing kindness and hospitality. Thanks to the keepers, organizations and workers that make this place a sanctuary for fly fishing and for the Salmon.
We have encountered many great people and made new friends, like we always do each year.

See you in 2016 Salmon river but this time I will be equiped of a Switch Rod - St croix - 11' #8-9. Imperial
My 9' St croix #9 rod was just too small for the job....

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Caps with our logo soon available, ask us online for details. Please wear our colors with pride to help us to finance our product R&D.

Thanks to my friends Christophe Terrade, Francois Michel M. Nolin for the amazing images and editing.

To my brother Benjamin Sportes ( futurhair) for the music
LINK : https://soundcloud.com/futurhairsport...

*And to my two fly fishing buddies Richetonx M & Valentin C


Copyright : SPORTES Inc. 2015