Swinging eggs for BIG fall steelhead!!!(Salmon River, Pulaski NY)

Sorry its been so long since ive uploaded! more videos will be on their way soon!

This video was filmed back in October of 2023 a great weekend with tons of steelhead caught but didn’t film as much as I wanted to. But I got the biggest steelhead on camera so that’s all that matters!!! Haha hope you all enjoyed this video can’t wait to put more out for ya

Been fishing a lot off camera. Lots of personal and family issues going on just been trying to focus on myself but more vids will be on their way as I’m trying my hardest to get back into filming.

Thank you for understanding!!

Fishing with fly rods. Fishing with 6lb test and swinging egg pattern flies and beads 8mm
7wt and 8wt fly rods used. Fishing in the lower section of the salmon river!

Instagram- @lorenzohad37