Fly Fishing for Native Brook Trout in a Small Creek! (WINTER TROUT FISHING)

Fly Fishing for Native Brook trout in the Middle of Winter!

Brook Trout are the official state fish for 9 US states, the most of any fish species. A relic from the last ice age, their numbers have been on the decline for decades. The beauty of brook trout isn’t just the fish, but in the places they live. I’ve never been to an ugly native brook trout stream. If chasing native brook trout isn’t on your bucket list… then, well, it should be.

In this video I broke out the fly rod and decided to go fishing in the snow. I nymphed for the entirety of the day, catching most of my fish on a small green fly that imitated caddis larvae. I knew this small creek held a good amount of native brook trout and I was hoping a few would be willing to eat. The crystal clear water (that was a little low) made it difficult to get close enough to cast, and the white snow made me an obvious target when approaching the fish.

All in all I can't complain. I caught a handful of brook trout not the fly in the middle of winter in some clear and low water. This time of year is by far the toughest time to fish for these trout. I eventually got too cold to continue and backed out to fish another day.

Thanks for watching! #fishing #flyfishing #troutfishing
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