Fade To Black - Metallica (28HZ)

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personal system
2013 scion tc
walled scion
6 PSI Platform 4 high performance 12s
in a 6.5 order wall
two crescendo 3500 amps at .5ohm
1 crescendo symphony S1500.1F mids/ highs amp
Mechman 240 amp Alternator
Mechman AVBM II voltage controler
NVX equalizer
dual sky high OFC 1/0 audio wire power/grounds
80ah Limitless Lithium Battery
big 3 upgrade
toolmaker metalworks battery posts and amp dual inputs
pioneer radio
audiopipe voltmeter
attwood cooling fans
Crunch DRA2450.4 amp 4 channel amp for doors
2 stock 1" tweeters
2 stock 4" speakers
2 stock 6x9" speakers
2 6.9" sony audio speakers
4 crescendo ft-1 8ohm super tweeters
6 crescendo pwx 6.5in mids

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