Black Nose Dace

A Black Nose Dace that is simple and easy to tie at any fly tying skill level. The Black Nosed Dace is a traditional bucktail streamer pattern. It has a long deficiency from the North American western fly fishing culture, Recently is has had a return with the growing attractiveness of this classic streamers. Bucktail are the original materials used and very simple to tie with on this pattern. The new hydrophobic synthetic materials also make it even easier to tie when the material is premixed with the correct colour combinations for this famous fly pattern. A simple single hair wing style technique is used with premixed Predator Fiber to suit the colour scheme of a Black Nose Dace. This reduces the amount of wing tying steps required to make the traditional 3 part/colour wing for a BND. The tying style is that of the famous Cormorant style patterns of Europe or the Mohican style wing that is also of the UK. The tying techniques used are transferable to many other streamer lure patterns, by utilizing the broad range of Predator Fiber colours available today.
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