Catching Carp from tricky waters | The Private Lake Campaign| Carp Fishing The Elusive Carp

This video details my Campaign at a Private Lake after being lucky enough to get a ticket for the lake in June 2021 and finishing it numerous times until June 2022 in the search for an elusive carp from the waters. Having caught numerous tench and pike over the trips some how the carp in the water always managed to evade capture.
I tried numerous tactics/ baits/ times of year on this water however soon realised I had a real challenge on my hands.
I was unlucky on a small handful of occasions to hook into a carp but lose it before landing it making this challenge feel like it was slipping away from me.
Come May 2022 I decided I needed to increase the amount of effort I put in at this lake as I was not fishing it exclusively and had fished many other waters over the course of the year but still had this carp blank hanging over me. I increased efforts at prebaiting and opted for a final change of baits to Parker Baits after seeing numerous success stories on it in various local lakes.
Then June 2022 the opportunity for a 24 hour session at the lake with my brother Migg presented itself and I pulled out all the stops to ensure my carp blank on this lake come to an end....
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