Winter River Fishing For Northern Pike / Unexpected River Monster / Michigan Fishing

Im on a mission Winter River Fishing For Northern Pike when I have a run in with a real life river monster!
northern pike river fishing in winter is all about slow presentations. Im working suspending jerkbais and lipless cranks. I love northern pike river fishing all year long and am an avid northern pike angler! Northern pike fishing Michigan rivers is a blast!

Jerk bait fishing is a productive winter pike tactic. I love fishing suspending jerk baits. All year for that matter. In this video I’m using a shadow rap shad deep and just retrieving it as slow as I can.

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Reel Michigan Anglers is the name and Michigan Fishing for all species is my game. I enjoy fishing for Walleye, Salmon, Steelhead, Bass Pike, Suckers, Carp, Crappie Catfish and more. Definitely subscribe if you like this video! Stay tuned for more Michigan fishing videos as well as more tips on how to fish Michigan.

My name Is Tabbert Wakley and I enjoy Michigan Fishing for all species of fish but I also enjoy cinematography and video editing.I make my Living teaching and performing music. The tracks featured in this video feature me on guitar :)

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Michigan fishing is all I really know but I feel as though the Great Lakes state boasts a lot of world class fishing opportunities. wether it be Lake St clair in Detroit michigan or the Betsie River in frankfort, Trout streams in the upper peninsula or any of the Great Lakes, Michigan Fishing is full of possibilities. If Michigan fishing is your thing be sure to subscribe and check out all of my michigan fishing videos!

Tight Lines, Rock On, -Reel Michigan Anglers.

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