Late Winter Early Spring Michigan Steelhead Fishing On The Grand River At 6th Street Dam

Steelhead fishing at 6th street dam on The Grand River in Michigan is the stuff of steelhead fishing legends. 6th street dam is where I fought my first steelhead and The grand river is where I later honed my steelhead fishing skills! I don't often make it out to grand rapids to go steelhead fishing at 6th street dam on the grand river mostly due to the fact that I prefer to avoid the crowds when fishing. The 6th street dam on the Grand River is a great place to find good amounts of fresh chrome steelhead and Grand Rapids steelhead fishing is among the most famous steelhead fishing locations in Michigan. When a beginner Michigan steelhead fisherman starts asking about where to go the first and forefront suggestions are almost always "If you want good steelhead fishing go to 6th Street Dam in Grand Rapids or Tippy Dam on The Manistee River or The Peir Marquette River and some other common choice rivers. I believe if it weren't for Sixth Street Dam Grand River steelhead fishing would fly under the radar but 6th Street Dam in Grand Rapids holds a lot of steelhead and salmon as well as walleye, catfish and more. The truth be told if you know what you are doing steelhead fishing on The Grand River is great from the lake all the way up to Lansing Michigan where the locals enjoy steelhead fishing Moors Dam near Reo Town in Lansing Michigan. In this michigan steelhead fishing video we are fishing with our buddy joe from @westmichiganguideservice3946 on his beautiful new boat! Look up West Michigan Guide service if you are interested in a steelhead fishing trip.

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