Turbo Rotorway helicopter displays in South Africa

1. Introduction of our own designed turbocharged altitude compensation system in South Africa. ( Rotorway Helicopter Manufacturing Co discontinued the non-reliable supercharger and replaced it with a turbocharger after our success in South Africa)
2. High altitude performance with our turbocharged engine
3. Advanced precision flying
4. Formation flying in Cape Town
5. Advanced manoeuvres in the air with the turbo Rotorway helicopter
6. Pilot information;
i. Arthur Gemperle - private pilot with 3,500 hours on helicopters and gyrocopter, and the original designer of the turbo system. Reg ZU-LIZ YouTube channel www.youtube.com/c/arthurgemperle/videos Email: arthurgemperle@gmail.com

ii. Mark Sampson - airline transport pilot with 12,000 hours, and commercial helicopter pilot with 1,500 hours (Ex South African Airforce helicopter pilot). Reg ZU-DPV

iii. Richard Chase - private pilot with 2,700 hours on various fixed wings and helicopters, CAA AP (aircraft engineer), Class II test pilot, and is the agent for Rotorway South Africa. Email: richardchase272@gmail.com Reg ZU-DOZ

iv. Mark Hensman – airline transport pilot with 15,000 hours, and private pilot helicopters. He is also a FAA AME (aircraft engineer). Reg ZU-RFY

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