RIVER, Bast river in Cambodia Phnom penh city Frond of Palace Tour in The River

RIVER, Bast river in Cambodia Phnom penh city Frond of Palace Tour in The River
This video will show you the enjoyable kayaking activities of nice tourists from Europe and the fantastic views of the Sekong River in Stung Treng province, north of Cambodia. Together with the beautiful sunset, jewel blue sky and the clear water of the river, making the scene exact paradise on earth
From the Tibetan Plateau this river runs through China's Yunnan province, Burma (Myanmar), Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. In 1995, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam established the Mekong River Commission to assist in the management and coordinated use of the Mekong's resources. In 1996 China and Burma (Myanmar) became "dialogue partners" of the MRC and the six countries now work together within a cooperative framework.
On our way to the temples of Angkor we pass by the Angkor Wat moat and we see a group of khmer kids playing on the water. The moat extends 5 km and is 200 meters wide. The moat absorbs the water from the temple in the rainy season and protects it from flooding. Kids, however have found an a alternative use of the moat to enjoy themselves during the school break.
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we rush get up early in the morning called a TUKTUK to our hometown at Phum Tropeang Ropeak, Kampong Speu province. It's dry season and all the rice fields are dried out only some lakes and stream. We got a water pump machine and agreed to pump to catch the fishes at the stream as you see in this video. It's fun that our relative and friends get together to catch the fishes. It was so happy and we catches lots of fishes.
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