Hey guys! I'm Cerise! I'm from Toronto, Canada, but I moved here to Sosua in the beautiful Dominican Republic to enjoy the rest of my life in the tropics... that's the plan for now anyway :)
I truly enjoy sharing my DR life with you all, and having you see my life through a camera lens.
My boyfriend's name is Gino. I met him here in the DR. He is Dominican born. He is in many of my videos and he also doens't mind sharing his culture, his town, his home, and his life.

Want to meet with Cerise and Gino when you are in town? Awesome! Please contact us or call on whatsapp 829 702 7726
Many people want to visit Sosua solo, with a partner or even a family. Their passports are ready, their research is done, but the only thing holding them back is the courage or the lack of faith to make the final step. It is a big move, and quite often fear cripples the mind and stunts the growth of the soul's desire to fly towards its dream of living in the tropics.
Is this you? Is your soul ready to jump but your mind is riddled with fear! Perhaps it is time to book a Soul Session with Cerise.
Cerise is a certified Soul Coach who helps people to make the shift from fear to faith, from sad to satisfied, from hurt to health, from insecurity to invincible.
She has done it herself throughout her own life's journey, and she can help you to do it too by helping you explore and increase the courage to pick up and follow your soul!
*Interested in moving to the tropics but you are still too nervous to make that first step?
Book a soul coach session with Cerise to prepare you for your mind and body for your trip, long-term stay or permanent move to Sousa, Dominican Republic.
Want to meet with Cerise and Gino when you are in town? Awesome! Please contact us or call on whatsapp 829 702 7726

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