MONSTER TROUT On A 4 Weight Fly Rod (4wt) - The Totally Awesome Fishing Show

You would think that Monster Rainbow Trout require the maximum size fishing tackle. But the Totally Awesome Fishing Show takes it to a whole new level. Taking out a big Trout using just an ultra light 4-weight fly rod really should be asking for "Double Trouble". But with Graeme as guide and cameraman, filming T/A editor Mike Pullen with his first attempt at 4 weight fly rodding, they show that it can be done - in style!! Mike gets 3 new P.B's in a row (his previous being 10lb 9oz), and viewers get some great action with a rod near breaking point! Plus a hyperactive Graeme giving Mike target instructions. Those big trout don't stand a chance. This episode moves from the beginner to the advanced in one huge step, with loads of tips & techniques for fly fishing.
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