How to tie the High-n-Dry Hare's Ear: Go-to light DRY-DROPPER Fly

The High-n-Dry Hare's Ear is an original pattern of mine that I came up with for fishing light dry-dropper for low, clear water. Having a small dry fly that can suspend a 2.3 or 2.5 tungsten bead is super helpful in these conditions. It lands delicately and it shines anytime Blue Winged Olives are hatching.

The dry-dropper method is a great way to fish and a must have tool to have in your bag of tricks. Not all dry-dropper flies need to be large. Some times you need a more stealthy approach to land your flies without any surface disturbance. The High-n-Dry does just that. Plus it does a pretty good job of catching as well!

Tie some up and I'm sure you'll have some success.

Tight lines!

Hook: Dohiku 644 size 16 (or any larger gap nymph or dry fly hook)
Thread: UTC 70 Olive
Dubbing: Troutline Mad Rabbit Dubbing Olive
CDC: Dun
Shuck: Z-lon Ginger
Post: Hareline Para Post white

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