How to make Spring Feeder Bait for Carp (Rohu/ Catla/Mrigal by Sha Shaffi Ulla

Make your own carp bait for feeder pop up rig

For 5KG Bait

Sweet Corn powder 750gram
Cardomom powder made from 40pcs
Poha( Dry flattened rice)powder 500grams
Peanut oil cake grind into powder 1.5kg
Rice bran / Rice husk 500grams
Rice powder 500grams
Jaggery powder 1kg
Maida 300grams
Vannila essence 1 bottle

Mix above with 2 pack white bread ???? powder(grind in mixie) and add little water before fishing to make consistency to stay on spring feeder

Happy Fishing. Tight Lines ????
Carp Fishing