Giant Size Big Silver Carp Fish Curry Cooking For Kids By Their Granny - Village Kids Picnic Food

We have arranged today different kid of picnic for our village kids. For picnic kids cooked and eat together but today we have cooked big size silver carp fish by that kids granny and all the kids just play around and fun together and after finish cooking they just sitting together and granny serve the food and they eat together with lot of more happiness cause they don't need to do any work for their picnic.

It was about 6 KG big size silver carp fish and granny cutting the fish into small small pieces and then clean it using pure water.

Then grand Ma mixed up all the ingredient and add the fish. We didn't fry the fish today. This is different kind of fish curry recipe by grand Ma of kids.

All the ingredient name I have added with the video as English subtitle.

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