Fish Head & Arum Spinach Mashed Cooking By 3 years Kids & Team - Tasty & Healthy Village Food

Big Carp Fish Head & Arum Spinach Mashed cooking by a cute three-year old baby girl, Sneyha. Our Cutest Baby Sneyha's Cooking Show for other children of AroundMeBD village. Sneyha collect farm fresh arum spinach from outside & cleans the fish head using pure water. Then she & her team cooks arum spinach using water & others mashala without oil. It's kind of mashala boiled of spinach. Then She cooks fried fish head and breaks it in oil and added all kind of spice mashala. Then they mixes up the boiled mashala spinach and fried fish head and cooked it another 15 minuted to finish cooking mashed.

This is a cooking show by Sneyha, who is only 3+ years old. The other children helps her with all the heavy lifting. This is an entertainment show and no injury or harm has happened during the cooking and filming. She loves to cook, she even helps when adults cook for the whole villagers. We never force her to do anything and she is in good hands because her father is cameraman. We do everything carefully to assure that she does not get hurt. We sometimes don’t light up the fire until she puts all the ingredients in the pot. All the children do it as their picnic program and they join as their entertainment and we never force any children to join this beautiful picnic. They love to do it and we love to invest here for them.

The cutest part is Sneyha serving the rice & fish mashed to other children after she finished cooking, and also eats with them after she’s done serving everyone.

We hope you enjoy the video. Thank you very much for watching our videos. You can like our facebook page to see some unseen picture of daily event.
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