Fly Tying the Pink Battle Creek Special Alaskan Fly Pattern for Steelhead

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The Battle Creek Special is an Alaskan favorite and is basically tied the same way as you would tie a Woolly Bugger fly. The pink and white color of the fly pattern means that the fly can be fished as an attractor fly or searching pattern in glacially tinted waters. It can also be used as an egg fly or a flesh fly. In clear waters where spawning salmon can be found, the fly can be cast behind the salmon into the path of trout waiting for an egg meal.

The original Battle Creek Special is tied with white thread and an orange hackle collar.

Pink Battle Creek Special Steelhead Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Superfly Heavy Wire Salmon #2
Weight: 0.030 lead (optional)
Thread: Pink 6/0
Tail: White marabou (2)
Flash: Crystal flash
Rib: Silver oval tinsel
Body: Pink chenille
Hackle: White schlappen
Collar:: Pink neck hackle

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