EV Road trip in Europe - LONDON to AMSTERDAM in my 10 YEAR-OLD ELECTRIC CAR | Fully Charged Live

If you think electric cars can’t go the distance… think again. ????⚡️ Come along with us for an epic road trip from London to Amsterdam,. ????⚡️ We are going to show you that a 10 year-old Tesla can still eat up the miles on a European adventure...

When Fully Charged announced that one of their live shows would be in Amsterdam our brains started thinking of an excuse to drive out there.

We thought we would set ourselves the challenge of driving from London to Amsterdam in a 10 year-old Tesla, and cover a few key topics along the way:

1. How easy is it to do a zero emission mission into Europe?
2. How easy is it to charge in Europe?
3. What we can learn from the Dutch when it comes to going green?
4. How will Fully Charged Live be received in Europe?
5. Can you get a Full English in Amsterdam?

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