Electric Bike Laws Nationwide: Let your Opinion Be Heard

Fight for your right to eBike! Potential changes are coming to electric bike laws nationwide, let your opinion be heard! This will affect electric bike laws by state, make your vote count now! Recently the Department of Interior took action to allow Class 1 eBikes legally on Bureau of Land Management land, Nation Park Service land, and Fish and Wildlife Service land. Thanks to pressure from special interest groups, the DOI has been forced to open up the discussion for public comment.

Go comment about your support for Class 1 eMTBs NOW!

Support Class 1 eMTBs in National Parks: https://www.regulations.gov/searchResults?rpp=25&po=0&s=1024-AE61&fp=true&ns=true
Support Class 1 eBikes on Bureau of Land Management: https://www.regulations.gov/searchResults?rpp=25&po=0&s=1004-AE72&fp=true&ns=true
Support Class 1 eBikes on US Fish and Wildlife land: https://www.regulations.gov/document?D=FWS-HQ-NWRS-2019-0109-0001

All of these can also be searched at: https://www.regulations.gov

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Electric bike legislation is changing constantly because in the end it is still a fledgling industry.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in this video. We hope this helps get the word out about equal treatment for low speed, Class 1 electric bikes being legalized in all public spaces. This should help answer your questions like: are electric bikes allowed in National Parks? Right now they are! But we need to make our voices heard to make sure we retain that access!

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