Dry Fly & Sight Fishing For Steelhead & Salmon--Conservation

Vancouver Island's Kokish River lies one valley away from the Nimpkish River, one of the rivers Roderick Haig-Brown often wrote about. The Kokish is a great dry fly steelhead river threatened by a "Run of River Hydroelectric Project". The Southgate and Homathko Rivers are two great salmon and trout rivers good enough to host helicopter fishing for former US presidents. These rivers are two more BC rivers threatened by the BC government's move toward green-er power. Please make it abundantly clear to the BC government that clean power must be pursued in the interest of saving whales, bears, eagles, river otters, fish, other creatures, and tourism.

Inundating the BC government with emails, letters, etc. will hopefully send a message to end all planning for future Run of River hydroelectric projects--please help. I would recommend directing emails to: Ron.Ptolemy@gov.bc.ca ;Martha.Anslow@gov.bc.ca ;mjl@telus.net

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