Chubs and Carp Fishing in a Tiny Creek

Here's how to catch a hornyhead chub, and also how to catch a carp in a small creek...

I'm keeping up with my Quest! This is my 17th species of fish in caught on hook and line in Wisconsin, and also caught on video!

So, back to how to catch chubs and carp. I was using a worm (a nightcrawler or earthworm). I had a small hook, an Aberdeen #6 hook because the Hornyhead Chub doesn't get very big. I needed a hook that could fit in it's small mouth. I put about 1/3 of the worm on the hook. I didn't have any weight on my line, unless you count the snap swivel I had on that linked to the shelled aberdeen hook. I would cast the worm in a little upriver, and let it drift downstream. The current wasn't real strong, but it was strong enough to keep my worm off the bottom (I'd say I was fishing in two to four feet of water). The hornyhead chubs would swoop in and hit the worm pretty aggressively. They were pretty easy to catch. When I saw them hit, or if I felt a tug and didn't see them hit the worm, I would set the hook right away.

For the carp, I could see it in the river, and I cast up ahead of it. I did a perfect cast on the fourth try, and my worm drifted (slowly bouncing on the bottom) right in front of it's face. It sucked it up, and I set the hook. BAM. I had a fight on my hands!

The Fishing Tackle Used...
6lb Mono Line -
Aberdeen Size Six Hook -

My Filming Gear
GoPro Hero3 -
Sony Handycam -

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Summer has begun. Here's hoping there are more fishing videos like this to come!

- David Tiefenthaler, otherwise known as "Tiefsa"
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