Fly Fishing a TINY Creek and catching a HUGE TROUT!

Fly Fishing for Big Brook trout and Rainbow Trout!

When I decide to fly fish a tiny creek I usually don't expect to catch anything massive. Typically a 12 inch fish in a small creek is pretty big. So when you run into a rainbow trout that is pushing 23 inches in a creek you can literally jump across its something you won't soon forget!!

I spent around 15 minutes trying to catch the big fish before it eventually at a size 12 stonefly. I had seen the fish earlier in the day but wasn't able to cast at it before it disappeared. So I spent some time fishing a different section of the creek and came back to the hole where I knew the big fish was laying. After hooking the fish all hell broke loose!

This fight is easily one of the most intense fights I've been in. Not necessarily because of the fish (I've caught bigger) but because of the small creek and the amount of stuff the fish could get into. It took me a while to tire the fish enough to even attempt to net it. And during that process I ended up falling face first into the creek. The water and air temperature was cold enough that it literally took my breath away. The fear of hyperthermia entered my mind as I desperately tied to get the fish in the net.

After finally netting the fish I realized that at some point (probably during the fall) I had hurt my back. Which at that point didn't matter much because I had the fish in the net. I was able to safely release the fish and get home without any real issues caused by taking the polar plunge.

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