These 6 Discord Scams are EVERYWHERE!

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Discord and scams are like peanut butter and jelly. No matter where you are on Discord: femboy hangout servers, genshin impact servers, or the worst of the worst, my server, you will be a target of a scam at some point.

Now unfortunately for the sake of my sanity, there are a lot of very common Discord scams that people still fall for. Like 50% of my DMs are about scams that I have already talked about (it got so bad I just use keyboard macros to copy and paste responses). To save myself, I made a video showing you common discord scams to look out for.

So now whenever someone sends me a DM about a scam, I can just send them this video. HOWEVER, I can't just be selfish about all of this. So uhh, you can also send this to your tech-illiterate Discord friends so they can learn how to not get scammed on Discord!

Steam Help Page

Discord Support Page

How to Clean Install Windows 11

Discord Server


00:00 - 1. The oh so common fake nitro bot
02:13 - 2. Fake Verification
05:44 - 3. $50 Steam giftcard
08:00 - 4. Artist / sugar meemaw / psychic / free $3000
10:06 - 5. "I accidentally reported you" / Discord support
15:15 - 6. Download my game / beta tester
Fly Fishing
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