The Fear of Dragging Anchor ALONE on the boat. (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 134

Riley and Josje left me onboard by myself to go and hike a red hill on the island of La Graciosa. The wind picked up to 32 knots, gusting to 35 and the two boats next to me left to find shelter one having dragged anchor first. I’d stayed home to catch up on some work but because stress levels were through the roof, I didn’t get a thing done. But I’m glad I did stay home, because we would have never of known about the sudden change in the weather all the way up on that hill. One engine wasn’t working and the other wasn’t 100% reliable (the same problem with the control boxes needing replacing and a jump start was required if you wanted to fire it up before then). Not the end of the world unless you need to get out of somewhere quickly and you’re a one woman show. Join us in the Canary Islands for an ADVENTURE. It's Josje on YouTube! We love her:

Song Credits:
00:08 To the Brim - Jennifer Kamikaze -
00:18 Martin Gervais - Forever -
01:52 Lindsay Baffo - Unholy Water -
04:43 Liam Wright - Land Sea -
07:10 Cat Clyde - The River -
09:24 Jamie Rose - Agnes Water -
13:26 Mimi Gilbert - Genevieve -
16:08 Jack and the Weatherman - Special girl
17:16 MaJLo - Worry -

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