The All New Shimano Stradic 5000 Reel!

Aloha Viewers!
Currently i only whip & plug using Shimano spinning reels in Hawaii. They're light weight & very strong. This is my preferred choice after using most manufacturer's products as it suits my style of fishing. I bait cast & troll using Okuma & Penn spinners & conventionals/multipliers. You as a fisherman/woman must determine your style & gear preference. Watching YouTube videos is a great way of educating yourself what's currently on the market.

I chose the Stradic C5000XG to fill my need for a stronger salt water spinner above my Shimano Stradic CI4 4000 currently on a Okuma TX40 10'9" Salmon Steelhead. Backing was monofilament for 300yrds of 15lb J-Braid, could've spooled on more but any fish capable of spooling 3 football fields of line deserves it's freedom. My intension is mostly whipping the reefs day and night. In the past i've done well using 15lb braid over 20lb as the fish see the thicker 20lb & this way i can spool more line as well. I'm going to match this reel with an Okuma 12' Hawaiian Custom whipping rod. (Oops, in the vid when i mentioned the 6+1 ball bearings i meant to say the +1 is in the roller bearing bar, not the handle. Getting old i guess, lol).

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