Stormy Cassien Days and BIG CARP!

Back in late October 2018 following much planning and prep we set off on an adventure, to the iconic Lac de Saint Cassien.

This film is simple, us two setting off on a road trip with the sole intention of just getting away and having fun fishing....
An account of a fishing trip to a pretty special place and is the tester to a series of future films that we hope to shot on similar large, wild waters, which we intend to document in a similar but slightly more detailed style.

The weather was horrendous throughout, and at times made the fishing and filming near on impossible, but we've tried to capture it as it was and film when the rain occasionally eased!

Cassien needs no intro, steeped in history, it very much laid the foundations for carp angling on the continent and has since seen anglers traveling from all over Europe to experience the magic of fishing such a unique water for its immense carp.

It's been through some major changes in recent years, possibly a smaller stock and the restrictions of days only. However, this just increases the challenge, and for those who still make the efforts to fish it, the Cassien rewards and dreams are very much still to be uncovered.

Ive learnt so much while filming and editing this video. I can't wait to do the next one and put what i've learnt in to practice.

We hope you enjoy...

Camera/editing - James West
B cam - Sam Jefferys
Carp Fishing