Spectacular waterfalls, wild trout fishing and four wheel driving down steep hills

WOW What an amazing afternoon this was. I had to drive down a very steep hill to get to the creek, where I found the small stream to hold a healthy number of wild trout, mainly brown trout. The fishing was great, and the scenery was even greater, nothing short of spectacular.
This is not my first visit to this magical little spot. In fact, I have been here dozens of times, but not for may years. I fished here a couple of years ago but did not walk upstream as far on that trip.
The first time I visited this spectacular waterfall was probably around 1994 or 1995 when I purchased my first four wheel drive, a 1.3 llitre Suzuki Sierra.
I loved that car, it was an absolute gem. It was a great little four wheel drive that took me to a lot of remote and wild trout fishing locations. The only problem with it is that it was very light and river crossing always made me nervous.
Four wheel driving and trout fishing go hand in hand, they kind of compliment each other. I have owned four wheel drives for most of my life. I am not a thrill seeker type of four wheel driver, I just like having a four wheel drive to get me into the tight little corners of the world such as the little gem in this video.
Bt far my favourite four wheel drive was my old Mitsubishi Triton. I loved that car. 2.6 liter turbo diesel, a great little car with a tray back ute. I could just throw my kayaks and fishing gear in the back and away I went!
It was great to be trout fishing again. The recent heat wave was wearing thin on me and has taken it's toll on many trout creeks and rivers. I have not heard of any fish kills, so hopefully we got through unscathed.
This particular trout stream is hidden deep in the steep sided hills at an altitude of around 600 meters above sea level. It maintains a decent flow of water throughout summer as you can see in this video, is well shaded and keeps quite cool. For this reason, despite being so overgrown and hard to fish this little creek is one of the best little streams in the region.
The spectacular scenery and waterfalls are an added bonus when fishing in this location. It is not only spectacular in this one little section of creek, but the entire valley is littered with waterfalls, most of which are quite hard to access.
This really is wild trout fishing. Not just because the trout are wild and not stocked, but because of the wild country.
I have over 400 videos here on YouTube and this is quite possibly my favourite, or at least one of my favourites.