Should You Visit Rhyl In 2024? The Answer May Surprise You!

Welcome to this Rhyl vlog, but is Rhyl worth visiting in 2024, especially as it's just been voted the second worst seaside town in the UK this year in the Daily Express? The answer may surprise you!!

Rhyl is a seaside town in North Wales and in this Rhyl vlog we ask, Is Rhyl Worth Visiting In 2024 and is it really as bad as the Daily Express says it is? You might be surprised by what we find, especially that Rhyl has previously been given the title of Worst Seaside Town In North Wales.

It was a sunny day in North Wales, so we decided to head up the North Wales coast to Rhyl. Although once labelled as, 'The Worst Seaside Town In North Wales' and now, '2nd Worst Seaside Town In The UK', is Rhyl really that bad? Or should we say, is Rhyl Rhyly that bad? Should you take the time to visit Rhyl now in 2024, or is it really as bad as people say?

We have other Rhyl North Wales vlogs, including a look around Rhyl, the Rhyl Air show and Rhyl vs Towyn vlogs, but this is the first time we have visited Rhyl in about a year, so we thought we'd see what, if any changes Rhyl has to offer in 2024.

We usually start off at the Rhyl Pavilion Theatre end of town, but in this Rhyl vlog, we start off on the other side, near the relatively new harbour and Pont Y Ddraig, or Dragon's Bridge, next to the Horton's Nose nature reserve and near the Rhyl Marine Lake.

We took a look at this nature reserve for the first time and were very impressed with the area.

After a trip on a steam train on Rhyl's Miniature Railway around the Rhyl Marine Lake, we continued to head up along the prom, taking in the sights and sounds and also checking out and reviewing the fish and chips from The Hungry Tum, who claim to be Rhyl's Best Fish and Chips. Check out the video to see if we agree.

During our stroll around Rhyl, we also check out the arcade, the town, the fair, the arena and many more places, ending up with a cheeky shandy at the excellent Kite Surf Café Bar

We hope you enjoy this, Is Rhyl Worth Visiting In 2024 vlog and we hope it shows you some things to see and do in Rhyl, North Wales. We also hope that the answer may surprise you.

So if you're looking for things to do or see in North Wales, or looking for a Rhyl Vlog or a North Wales vlog, then this is the Rhyl North Wales vlog for you.

We personally can't believe that Rhyl has previously been given the title of, 'Wales Worst Seaside Town' and recently been given the title of 'Second Worst Seaside Town In The UK', surly that can't be right. Rhyl has one of the best beaches in North Wales.

As always, we finish off the vlog with a sum up and a well deserved pint.

Thank you for watching this Rhyl North Wales vlog as we look to see if Rhyl is worth visiting in 2024.

As we always say in Postcard and a Pint - Cheers To The Good Times x

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