Saddleback Leather | FRONT POCKET WAXED CANVAS GEAR BAG | The Boot Guy Reviews

Saddleback Leather | FRONT POCKET WAXED CANVAS GEAR BAG | The Boot Guy Reviews



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ABOUT THE BOOT GUY: The boot guy reviews started out as my way to help people make better buying decisions when it came to buying footwear ONLINE. I wanted to be the go-to guy on the net when people had questions about boots and gear.

My qualifications are deeply rooted in manufacturing and sales. I have spent the last twenty-five plus years working as a soft goods designer and prototype builder for outdoor gear. My first job was in workwear sales. I developed a passion for listening to people's problems on the sales floor, paired with an understanding of materials I was able to help my customers make better buying decisions. As online retail became fully established as the mainstay of the future of retail and knowing that I could help even more people online by pairing them with the right products for their needs, The Boot Guy was born.

It wasn't long before my YouTube and Instagram accounts were noticed by my targeted audience. Also, people who work in the industry. Now that I had the companies in my corner I was able to obtain more products and create more online videos. But, we all need to work and make money right! For the last four years, I have been working as a photographer. Mostly in the commercial spectrum. Dabling where the money takes me. My main clients are from the footwear industry and offbeat fashion entrepreneurs. As a hobby, I spent years photography the streets of Chicago and alternative sporting events such as skateboarding, urban mountain biking, and rock climbing.

I want to capture the details I see in every product I hold by using all my developed talents to enhance your visual experience. My goal is to take you on my journey, not only to help teach you about the products but to help inspire the purchases you make. I want to introduce you to the people that make your favorite items possible.
From the conceptual design departments to the hands of the people on the manufacturing floor that builds it. No matter what " IT " is.
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