Pike Fishing On The Leeds Liverpool Canal

Here we have video four from The Scouse Angler, and this very session was something to remember indeed!
As you can tell, the video itself has two sessions, the first being successful and the second being a blank session. By putting the video together this way would help explain different feeding habits within different conditions, meaning by water temperature, colour and weather conditions, etc.
The methods I was using while dead-baiting on the Leeds Liverpool Canal was simple, I tend to have one dead-bait fishing right on the bottom and the other suspended in the water, only to keep my options wide when targeting those pike. Going into more detail about my pike rigs would yet again be simple, the bottom dead-bait rig had the following: 20lb Mono Mainline, Powergum stop knot, 20g Drennan Zeppler Float, 20g Fox Egg Sinker and last a Drennan Snap Tackle Treble Trace with size 8 Trebles. Moving onto the suspended rig set up: 20lb Mono Mainline, Powergum stop knot, 10g Drennan Pike Bob Float, Drennan Snap Tackle Treble Trace... Simples!
Dead-baits being used was Roach, Smelt and Mackerel.
A fantastic session, and a great video to help kick off the channel even more. Also the main catch in this video which was the 9lb pike caught on a suspended dead-bait was published in Angler's Mail Magazine not long before the video itself was dropped onto the channel.

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Pike Fishing