Kalibous Fish Hook Bait

Congratulations, you are in the right place to start learning how to fish like what the experts do. Welcome to Bismillah Fishing YouTube Channel. This is India's first DIY Fishing Channel where u can find Fishing related DIY and Bait.
Let's start to learn how to tie a hook, connect a string, how to attach a bait, how to make bait, fishing tips, and tricks, and much more can be learned from this channel.
We promote traditional and primitive fishing techniques. Our videos mainly cover fishing technique tutorials, techniques of making DIY, fishing bait, and fishing chum for rohu Katla, Mirgal, Kalivaush, Siamese Carp, Wallago Attu, Chital and other major Asian fish variety. One of the oldest ways to survive is fishing ... Hopefully useful. We also post Fishing related Entertainment videos that u can enjoy. Please subscribe to our channel and enjoy the latest videos and updates.
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