Join me on this first winter Carp day fishing session of 2024 with my new natural homemade boilies.

This was an ideal opportunity to fish a specimen lake that I'm really familiar with in search of a carp that would put a bend in my rod.
I set up my left rod on a solid bag using a combination of pellets and crushed boilies,
the hook bait was a boilie topped off with a code x pop up. My right rod was a 16mm Squid pop up fished on a stiff hinged rig.
I struggled to get a bite for 6 or so hours and decided to use a deeper fish finder to locate the fish and to find a nice clean area to land my rig on.
To my surprise the fish were only a few yards past my left hand rod at 11 wraps,
I immediately wrapped up to 12 to allow for setting back once hitting the lead clip.
what follows was a short wait for a fish and a fantastic sense of relief, this catch was swiftly followed up by a bigger fish. Happy days.

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Carp Fishing
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