Incredible Carp Run on the River Ebro

The River Ebro In Northern Spain is home to some of the absolute best examples of Cats and Carp when it comes to size and stamina. These wild specimens never fail to disappoint. Over the years I have fished all over the world and have had the pleasure of catching some absolutely stunning fish but I never tire or loose that sense of childhood excitement when , after a tremendous and exhausting battle that could last what may seem like an eternity, you catch sight, at the end of your line, a monster to rival that of any you have ever seen. You stomach aches and your body shakes until, at last, you have managed to present it onto the bank. It is then and only the that you truly know what it is like to be a warrior. This is what it truly means to be an angler and this is why I love the Ebro. If you would like to experience fishing like this or just want o learn more about the bro and what it has to offer, please check out my website and let us know how we can help make this dream a reality for you. Tight lines, Nick http://shattock.wix.com/ebrocarpfishing
Carp Fishing