Ice Fishing Perch Walleye on Ottertail Lake - New Waters Tour 6

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Ottertail Lake - 1-29-18

Check out John A (who was up all night)

Pretty much had Ottertail Lake to ourselves and after 3 Sandy's donuts, a redbull, a short cut and finally bringing the map up we hit the lake just in time to miss the morning walleye bite. A sturgeon was spotted on the underwater cam but.....

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Fish Species Caught and Personal Records to date that are known:
Largemouth Bass ~ 4lbs
Smallmouth Bass - 4.54lbs - 10/9/2017
Black Crappie - 2.2lbs
Common Carp - 7.8lbs
Channel Catfish 18.5lbs
Walleye - 9lb 3oz
Northern Pike - 10.75lbs - Dec 17, 2017
Rock Bass ~ 1lb
Ling Cod - 52lbs
Yellow Eye Snapper - 26lbs
Paddlefish - 42lbs
Coho Salmon ~ 15lbs
Burbut -
Silver Pike ~ 3lbs
Cabezone -
Gafftopsail Catfish -
Sea Trout -
Redfish -
Pinfish -
Halibut ~ 30lbs
Yellow Perch -
Freshwater Drum/Sheepshead -
White Sucker -
Sauger -
White Bass -
Spiny Dogfish -
Rainbow Trout -
Goldeye -
Bluegill -
Orange Spotted Sunfish -
Pumpkinseed -
Green Sunfish -
White Crappie
Shorthead Redhorse -
White Spotted Greenling -
Southern Flounder ~ 4lb
Copper Rockfish
English Sole -
Quillback Rockfish -
Bullhead -

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