ICE COLD WINTER CARP FISHING | Clearwater Fisheries (Tom Forrester)

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In this video, we join Tom Forrester on Kellett Lake at the Clearwater Fishery complex in Carnforth. Arriving at the venue to find the lake frozen, the chances of catching a carp were against him. However, with a slight increase in temperature and the ice subsiding, Tom managed to get amongst a few fish! Applying his top winter Carp fishing tactics which incorporate the use of natural baits such as worm, maggot and caster, Tom shows you how to catch Carp from ice-cold water!

00:00 - Introduction
01:42 - Tom's first fish of the session
03:00 - Tom into the second fish of the session
04:04 - Tom's winter bait mix
08:44 - Tom's second fish of the session
09:26 - A closer look at Tom's worm rig
12:07 - Venue choice & Swim explanation
15:00 - Evening round-up
16:05 - Tom's breakfast special
16:33 - Tom's final fish of the session
18:03 - Session reflection

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