Grinding for Winter Steel (Steelhead Fishing)

Fishing a brand new creek, I ended up landing 2 out of my 4 fish today as the mid winter grind sets in... Equipment used will be listed down below. If you are interested in the spinners I use from Arctic Spinners, you can get 10% off using the code. I also have a blood run code that applies to select items on their store as well, it will also get you 10% off those items.

Arctic Spinner Code: aoneil

Blood run
Code: aandcanglingadventures

Equipment used
Rod: Douglas LRS 13'6"
Reel: Kingpin Kinetic 5.0
Line: Sufix Promix 14lb, Leader: 5lb Blood run Fluorocarbon
Float: 8G Blood run FD Float
Hook: size 10 Gamagatzu
Bait: Bead

Spinning Rod
Rod: Lamiglas Redline 12'
Reel: Plueguer President XT LE size: 35
Line: 8lb Sufix Elite, Leader: 5lb Blood run Fluorocarbon
Float: 5.5 G Blood Run FD Float
Hook: 1/32oz Jig head
Bait: Maribou Jig